'For many farmers Betta, besides owning their own 1 pair (or 1 strain) like that then we are the breeder is nothing happier. But most of all have a problem when fish spawn ... that's when the eggs hatch, the fry grow gradually disappear or become ugly fish, do not give the value of the animal ... '

Yes! There are lots of books, documents and web guide for your Betta fish care hatching eggs but not focused on raising fry until crisp, became the focus Betta mature with flowing fins.

After all pressed anchovies, eggs are sprayed onto the nest, females are seeing one angle and flat stomach is empty then the roof so the fish. When the fry hatch, about 3-4 days, you should be anchovies fished out (if you do not want to bait fish for anchovies).

In the first few days, eating only fish species belonging to the same class mao (medieval). You should eat fish when fish swim by. Note to cover the lake, just leave a few small holes to breath (for easy and dust-free, egg-laying mosquitoes from entering) it is not good for your fish.

When the fry are a week old, you should feed them atemia (saltwater shrimp larvae). Only after the first few times getting used to, they fry will quickly swallow foods. When they had eaten, they will belly fat and pink, this means your fish is big. At first you should be feeding at 1 and then gradually increased.

Around the second week you should start the cracked lake patch slowly to vent, and to observe, not open your mouth too fast or too covered lake wide. This resulted in strong water flow (wind blowing in), not good for fish.

When fish were 4 to 5 weeks old, you can remove them one other lakes. A volume of approximately 4 to 5 liters can be as long as 25 Betta, this colors help your fish grow.

When fish is 2.5 ~ 3 months, the males can not live with a lot of fish such as lake can affect their tails and fins.

At this point you should be prepared to separate plastic jars pack. You can separate out individual males, while males were given separate pot, they will grow particularly fast one.

Note: The way to distinguish male and female fish to split the flock:
1. The first sign is the color becomes darker than the males, they are surrounded or spread to other threatened fish.
2. Our Anal become more acute in the back and longer than the female's fins.
3. To the ventral fins and thicker.
So instead of raising water in pot 4 1 times (if available), or 1 week 1 time, smoking pot residue in regularly to your fish healthy. And raise your pots must be clean in order to maintain the health of the fish.
I wish you success!